[PS4 Teardown (3)] Large Light-guiding Plate

2013/11/17 19:18
Nikkei Electronics Teardown Squad
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Continued from [PS4 Teardown (2)] Similar Parts Placement to PS3

We started to remove the upper covers of the PS4. There were two upper covers. One had a mirror-like surface, and the other had a textured surface.

First, we took out the mirror-like cover as well as the HDD found under the cover. Then, we removed the textured cover with all our strength. Under the textured cover, there was a large light-guiding plate.

When the PS4 is in operation, an area on its surface emits light. And the color of the light becomes one of four colors, depending on the operation status of the console. The light-guiding plate is used for this function.

We took out the metal plate under the two upper covers by removing the screws fixing it. There was a main board under the plate.

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