[PS4 Teardown (2)] Similar Parts Placement to PS3

2013/11/17 13:35
Nikkei Electronics Teardown Squad

Continued from [PS4 Teardown (1)] Opening Up PS4

Prying open the PS4 from one side of the body, we found a Blu-ray Disc (BD) drive, power supply unit and radiation unit containing a cooling fan, etc. They were neatly arranged. This arrangement was similar to that of the new model of the PS3 released in September 2009.

We removed the screws used to fix the BD drive but could not take it out. Therefore, we took out the power supply unit first after removing the long screws used to fix it. Then, we found another screw fixing the BD drive, which had not been found due to the power supply unit, and removed it to take out the BD drive.

We moved on to take out the radiation unit. But it was so firmly fixed that we gave it up and started to remove the other cover of the PS4.

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