[PS4 Teardown (1)] Opening Up PS4

2013/11/17 13:29
Nikkei Electronics Teardown Squad
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The "PlayStation 4 (PS4)," Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) Inc's new non-portable game console, was finally launched Nov 15, 2013, in the North American market and will be released Feb 22, 2014, in Japan. Nikkei Electronics Teardown Squad obtained one ahead of other Japanese users to tear it down.

Wondering how to open it up, we checked the widely-opened exhaust slot and found four stickers. We removed the stickers and turned screws under them with a "T8" screwdriver.

Though the screws were successfully removed, we still could not easily open up the main body of the PS4. But finally, we pried it open from one side of the body.

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