CerebrEX Inc will license its "Cool Pepper," a high-speed data transmission interface (2Gbps per lane), to Panasonic Corp and Lapis Semiconductor Co Ltd.

CerebrEX is a Japan-based semiconductor venture that designs display controller chips. The interface technology is targeted at mobile devices such as tablet computers equipped with high-resolution displays (full HD or higher). It is used for data transmission between a display controller chip and source driver in a device.

Panasonic and Lapis Semiconductor are major source driver manufacturers based in Japan.

CerebrEX plans to promote the use of the Cool Pepper through licensing. Though this strategy increases the number of competitors, the company said, "As the numbers of driver circuit manufacturers and LCD panel makers that support the Cool Pepper increase, the influence of the interface on manufacturers of assembled products grows. And that gives us more benefits because we are aiming at making it the de facto standard."

For the future, CerebrEX intends to license the Cool Pepper to overseas source driver makers and tie up with GPU makers.