The "Blade Glider" EV concept
The "Blade Glider" EV concept
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Nissan Motor Co Ltd announced cars that it will exhibit at the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show 2013, which will be open to the public from Nov 23 to Dec 1, 2013, in Tokyo.

The announcement was made Nov 8, 2013. The announced cars include the "Blade Glider" EV concept, whose front track is extremely short, "Dayz Roox" (the second model of the Dayz mini car) and a new model of the Teana mid-size car.

The Blade Glider is a four-wheel EV convertible with one front sheet (driver's seat) and two rear seats. It is driven by the in-wheel motors contained in the two rear wheels.

The front track of the EV (1,000mm) is much shorter than the rear track (1,890mm). And when viewed from above, it looks like a delta wing.

The total length and wheelbase of the Blade Glider are 4,200 and 2,800mm, respectively. Nissan employed the delta wing-like shape to increase down force at high speeds and reduce air resistance, aiming to achieve both high driving performance and power efficiency.

Nissan will participate in the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2014 with its "ZEOD RC" EV, which has an extremely short front track and looks like the Blade Glider. By applying technologies developed for the race, the company plans to commercialize the Blade Glider in the future.