Japan's Largest Solar Plant Built in Kagoshima (page 2)

2013/11/06 09:28
Shinichi Kato, Nikkei BP CleanTech Institute
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The plant uses about 290,000 polycrystalline silicon solar panels manufactured by Kyocera. The PV inverter of the plant is provided by SMA Solar Technology AG. Probably, this is the first time that SMA Solar Technology's PV interter has been employed for a mega-solar plant in Japan. This time, 140 units of the 550kW inverter were installed.

The employment of the PV inverter made by SMA Solar Technology, which has sold its products to many mega-solar plants in the US and European markets, for the current largest-scale mega-solar plant in Japan makes concerned parties to pay attention to whether its PV inverters will be used for other mega-solar plants to be built in Japan.

Kagoshima Nanatsujima Mega-solar Power Plant was constructed by Kyocera Solar Corp (Kyoto City, Kyoto), Kyudenko Corp and Takenaka Corp. The period between the start and completion of the construction was as short as one year and two months because up to about 450 workers were engaged in the construction per day and a total of about 78,000 workers worked at the construction site.

The amount of electricity generated by the plant is expected to be about 78,800MWh per year, which is equivalent to the amount used by 22,000 households or 2.2% of the power demand in Kagoshima Prefecture. All of the generated electricity will be sold to Kyushu Electric Power Co Inc.

The total cost of the project is considered to be about ¥27 billion (approx US$275 million). The aforementioned seven companies including Kyocera invested ¥4.3 billion, and the rest of the cost was raised through project finance managed by Mizuho Bank Ltd.

A facility where visitors can learn about solar power generation was also built on the site of the mega-solar plant. From an observation deck, it is possible to see about 290,000 neatly-arranged solar panels in front of Mt Sakurajima. It is quite impressive, and the power plant will probably become a new landmark in Kagoshima.

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