TMEIC to Release 1.6MW PV Inverter in US Market

2013/10/28 13:45
Junko Movellan, journalist
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Toshiba Mitsubishi-Electric Industrial Systems Corp (TMEIC) will release a PV inverter with a rated power of 1.667MW for mega-solar (large-scale solar) power plants in the US market.

The PV inverter, "Solar Ware Samurai," was announced at Solar Power International 2013, the largest trade show on solar cells in the US, which took place from Oct 22 to 24, 2013, in Chicago.

The Solar Ware Samurai is targeted at the market for electricity business-related products, which is the largest market in the US. Among them, 20MW-class mega-solar plants, which are called the "sweet spot" of the market, can be supported by using 12 units of the Samurai. It supports an input voltage of 1,000Vdc. Its MPPT range and maximum power conversion efficiency are 550-950Vdc and 98.7%, respectively.

Moreover, the Solar Ware Samurai can be installed in the desert regions of the US. Specifically, the PV inverter was designed so that it can be installed outdoors. And it became possible to reduce maintenance frequency because the numbers of operating and replacement parts were reduced as much as possible.

For example, in addition to a cooling fan, the PV inverter is equipped with a heat pipe that does not require a power source. It can be cooled only by the heat pipe until the temperature reaches a certain point, enabling to reduce the frequency of the use of the fan.

TMEIC has already applied to Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for certification of the Samurai. In 2012, TMEIC's share of the market for products related to solar power generation for power grids was 7%. And the company aims to increase the share, leveraging its high bankability.