Lextar Electronics Corp, a subsidiary of AU Optronics Corp, announced a straight-tube LED lamp with a luminous efficiency as high as 200lm/W.

The light-emitting surface of the lamp faces in all the directions of the tube (360°). The LED lamp product will be exhibited at the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition), which will take place from Oct 27 to 30, 2013, in Hong Kong. Lextar plans to start to ship the product in volume in 2014.

The straight-tube LED lamp was realized by combining flip-chip bonding, chip scale packaging (CSP) and chip-on-glass (COG) technologies, Lextar said. The high luminous efficiency was achieved by flip-chip bonding. The CSP and COG technologies contributed to wide-angle light emission and 360° light emission, respectively.

Royal Philips Electronics N.V. announced a prototype of a 200lm/W straight-tube LED lamp (TLED) in April 2013. But the product is scheduled to be shipped in 2015.