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2013/10/22 19:04
Shinichi Kato, Nikkei BP CleanTech Institute
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Total power generation 1.3 times more than estimated by 2nd year

Because Ukishima Solar Power Plant has been constructed this way, the amount of power generation has greatly outperformed the initial estimates since its operation started in August 2011. Annual power generation was estimated to be approximately 7.4 million kWh based on its 7MW maximum output performance. But it greatly outperformed these estimates and reached about 9.45 million and 9.74 million kWh in the first and second years, respectively. The total output for the first two years reached 19.2 million kWh, roughly 1.3 times the estimate.

Ohgishima Solar Power Plant, which was constructed as a joint project by Kawasaki City and TEPCO, just like Ukishima Solar Power Plant, started operation four months after Ukishima in December 2011. The plant employed Kyocera’s polycrystalline silicon solar panels and Hitachi’s PV inverter and generated about 15.1 million kWh in the first year, 1.1 times the annual output estimate of 13.7 million kWh based on its 13,000kW maximum output.

As factors behind this upswing in power generation, Kawasaki City cited the more-than-expected amount of solar irradiation, the small error and high uniformity of the deployed solar panels’ output performance and the optimal construction that enabled the installed components to demonstrate their specified performance. Although Kawasaki City has not revealed details yet, it seems that the higher-than-expected efficiency of the overall system including the PV inverter also made a contribution, considering the power generation amount outperformed the estimate even more at Ukishima Solar Power Plant.