Denso Demos Automatic Parking/charging System for EVs

2013/10/16 13:02
Kouji Kariatsumari, Nikkei Electronics
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Denso Corp demonstrated "Smart Charging," which automatically parks and charges vehicles, at the 20th ITS World Congress Tokyo 2013, which runs from Oct 14 to 18, 2013, in Tokyo.

In the demonstration, with an order from the control center, a vehicle parked in the parking lot was automatically moved to a designated spot at a designated time.

This time, Denso demonstrated Smart Charging on the assumption that a charger was shared by electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) in a parking lot of a multifamily building such as a condominium.

The control center, which was linked to a charge control system and a parking management system, formulated a movement plan in response to the user's demands (the necessary amount of electricity, departure time, etc) and gave the vehicle an order to move.

When a car is parked in a parking spot, based on the plan formulated by the control center, it can automatically move to a wireless charger, go back to the parking spot after charging, move to a designated spot at the departure time and wait there.

For the automatic driving, Denso used (1) four cameras to find objects in four directions, (2) laser radar to detect objects in front of the vehicle, (3) quasi-zenith satellite to improve positional accuracy and (4) map data. The wireless charger uses an electromagnetic induction method.