Docomo to Launch Wristband-like Bioinstrument

2013/10/15 18:20
Tadashi Nakamichi, Nikkei Electronics
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Docomo Healthcare Inc announced Oct 10, 2013, that it plans to release a wristband-like bioinstrument in December 2013.

Docomo Healthcare is a joint venture of NTT Docomo Inc and Omron Healthcare Co Ltd.

The bioinstrument, "Moveband," is a measurement device that is equipped with an accelerometer and complies with IPX5/IPX7 waterproof standards. It can measure the number of steps, travel distance, the amount of consumed calories, sleep duration, etc.

To measure sleep duration, it is necessary to switch to the "Sleep Mode" by pressing a button on the device. Then, the Moveband measures the body movements, etc of the sleeping person to calculate the amount of deep sleep, etc. The number of steps, travel distance and the amount of consumed calories are measured in the "Activity Mode."

"The planning and development of the device were done by Docomo Healthcare, but Toshiba manufactured it," Docomo Healthcare said.

The measured data is wirelessly transferred to a smartphone via Bluetooth 3.0. The data can be dealt with the "WM (Watashi Move) Apuri" smartphone application, which is provided by Docomo Healthcare.

In addition, when data on sleep duration is read with the "Karada-no-tokei WM" application, which Docomo Healthcare will launch in December 2013 for a monthly fee of ¥315 (approx US$3.2), the application gives advice on healthcare, etc.

If the user records data on sleep duration, mealtime, etc with Karada-no-tokei WM, it shows a healthy daily rhythm and contents for health management as well as allows the user to consult a doctor or health nurse over the phone. For example, when the sleep duration of the user is short, it recommends the user to listen to relaxing music or chew food well at dinner.

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