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Japan's Largest Mega Solar Project Launched in Oita (page 3)

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2013/10/04 18:37
Kenji Kaneko, Nikkei BP CleanTech Institute
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Greater-than-expected Power Generation in 1st 4 Months

The mega solar project has operated smoothly since it started about four months ago. The amount of power generation is estimated based on the weather data from the past 20 years, and a management plan is formulated at relatively low estimates. But the amount of power generation, thus far, has surpassed the expected figures, President Mizoguchi said. He attributed this to the amount of sunshine, which was more than expected, and the entire power generation system's power loss, which turned out to be less than projected.

Meanwhile, there are challenges to be tackled in accordance with future development. They are the issues concerning weeds and water drainage. Low-height weeds have already grown partly because no herbicide has been sprayed so residents living in the vicinity can feel safe. There is a plan to remove weeds on a regular basis, once the weeds grow high enough to shade the panels. However, how often weeding should be carried out is still unclear. In addition, large puddles formed in some places after rain, and a solution of some sort might be needed depending on circumstances.

What measures would be the best to secure the project's business performance while adapting to Japan's weather and climate? A diverse array of ideas is likely to come from the Oita project, which is creating Japan's leading mega solar park.

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