Pioneer's "See-through Projection" see-through display
Pioneer's "See-through Projection" see-through display
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Pioneer Corp developed a see-through display with a transmittance of 80% and will exhibit it at Ceatec Japan 2013, which will take place from Oct 1 to 5, 2013, in Chiba Prefecture, Japan.

To realize the display, Pioneer used a projector to project video on the back side of a transparent screen. By using a see-through panel whose surface has a function to scatter light, it became possible to display video from the projector.

In general, when such a function is added to a panel, it affects light transmission, or the transmitted light is distorted. This time, by preventing such side effects, Pioneer realized a screen that has a transmittance of 80% and does not cause light distortion.

Many LCD panel makers have already announced see-through LCD displays. According to Pioneer, such displays have a transmittance of about 30%. Therefore, it is necessary to considerably brighten the back sides of the displays by, for example, installing a high-brightness lamp on the back sides and using a white wall to reflect light.

On the other hand, the new see-through screen has a transmittance of 80%, eliminating the need for taking such measures, Pioneer said.