Osaka Gas Co Ltd developed the "low-power-consumption wireless network module," a system that links various devices and sensors using wireless communication for coordinated control.

Marubeni Information Systems Co Ltd started production by order and sales of the module Sept 19, 2013. The module is first targeted at the energy control of building, and it will be targeted at the energy control of household in the future.

When transmission takes place every 10 seconds, the module can be used for 10 years with a commercially-available button battery.

In general, wireless modules used for measurement and control cannot be used for a long time with a battery. Also, they require a separate control unit. On the other hand, the new module operates for a long time with a battery and autonomously operates without a control unit.

The wireless communication part of the module realizes a stable transmission and is hardly disconnected, according to Osaka Gas. Moreover, the module can be easily attached to an existing sensor or device. And it can link devices manufactured by different makers.