The "HMZ-T3W"
The "HMZ-T3W"
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Sony Corp announced its new head-mounted displays (HMDs) equipped with an OLED panel.

For the HMDs, "HMZ-T3W" and "HMZ-T3," Sony added the "Battery Unit," which contains a rechargeable battery. The unit can be connected to devices such as smartphones and tablet computers via an HDMI cable, etc. As a result, the HMDs can be used to, for example, watch video on YouTube and TV programs recorded by a Blu-ray Disc recorder.

The "HMZ-T3W" supports the WirelessHD wireless standard. And the Battery Unit can be wirelessly connected to the "Processor Unit," which generates video for the HMD, by using the standard.

Video output from the Processor Unit is wirelessly transmitted to the Battery Unit, and it is sent to the HMD. Sony's previous HMD is connected to the Processor Unit via a cable.

Sony also made improvements to the image processor so that its image quality becomes higher than that of the "HMZ-T2," which is the company's previous HMD. Also, it reduced lag generated in image processing.

Furthermore, Sony increased the size of the head pad, which is attached to the forehead, by about 80%, compared with the head pad of the HMZ-T2. As a result, it is better fitted. Specifically, the pressure on the forehead was dispersed and reduced.

Both of the two models are scheduled to be released in mid-November 2013. There are no manufacturer's suggested retail prices, but the expected retail prices of the HMZ-T3W and HMZ-T3 are about ¥100,000 (approx US$1,003) and ¥80,000, respectively.