The "MQ01ACF" series (photo courtesy of Toshiba)
The "MQ01ACF" series (photo courtesy of Toshiba)
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Toshiba Corp will release the "MQ01ACF" series of 7,278rpm, 2.5-inch HDDs with a thickness of 7mm for its clients Aug 30, 2013.

The MQ01ACF is Toshiba's thinnest 7,278rpm, 2.5-inch HDD. The company will launch the "MQ01ACF050" (500 Gbytes) and "MQ01ACF032" (320 Gbytes). They will help realize high-end (high-performance) and slim personal computers, the company said.

Due to its improved linear recording density and rotational speed, the new product has a maximum internal transfer rate of 1,850Mbps. Also, the 6Gbps SATA interface was employed to realize a high-speed data transmission.

The operating temperature range of the MQ01ACF is +5 to +55°C. And the non-operating temperature range is -40 to +65°C. Its power consumption is up to 5.5W at the time of starting up, 2.1W at the time of seeking, reading or writing and 0.18W in a standby or sleep mode. Data can be loaded or unloaded 600,000 times.