The "GP160H" engine (left) and the "WL30XH" water pump equipped with the engine (right)
The "GP160H" engine (left) and the "WL30XH" water pump equipped with the engine (right)
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Honda Motor Co Ltd developed two models in the "GP" series of general-purpose four-stroke gasoline engines for emerging countries.

The company will release water pumps equipped with the engines in Asian countries including China in the fall of 2013. The engines are manufactured by Dongfeng Honda Engine Co Ltd, Honda Motor's manufacturing/marketing base for genera-purpose products in China.

The two models are the "GP160H" (total displacement: 163cm3, maximum output: 3.6kW) and "GP200H" (total displacement: 196cm3, maximum output: 4.1kW). Honda developed them, expecting that they will be used for "light-use products" such as agricultural pumps, generators and other products that are not continuously used for a long time.

According to Honda, the size of the market for general-purpose four-stroke gasoline engines in emerging counties was about 9.7 million units in fiscal 2011, and most of them are for light use.

Currently, China-based makers have large shares of the market for light-use products in emerging countries. Honda aims to increase its share of the market by developing high-quality engines for light-use products.