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MRT Corp, a Japan-based firm that makes sensor-equipped devices, developed a dog house equipped with a simple air-conditioning function.

For the dog house, MRT used Peltier elements having cooling and warming functions. The company placed an aluminum (Al) plate, which has a high thermal conductivity, on the floor of the house and attached the Peltier elements to the plate.

The inside dimensions of the dog house, which is for small dogs and indoor use, are 30 (W) x 37 (D) and 37 (H). At the time of cooling, the temperature of the floor becomes 10-15°C lower than the room temperature. At the time of warming, it is 15-20°C higher than the room temperature.

The electricity cost of the dog house is about ¥1.5 (approx US$0.015) per hour in Japan. Its product life is 18,000 hours or longer. Its price is ¥49,800 (approx US$507, when purchased from MRT's website, including domestic delivery).

In summer, there are many cases in which a pet dog suffering from heat stroke is taken to a hospital. And some pet owners keep the air conditioner on for their dogs, MRT said.