The GaN power device with a withstand voltage of 150V
The GaN power device with a withstand voltage of 150V
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Fujitsu Semiconductor Ltd developed a gallium nitride (GaN)-based power device with a withstand voltage of 150V and announced that it will start to ship samples in July 2013.

Fujitsu Semiconductor plans to start volume production within 2014. The GaN power device, "MB51T008A," can reduce the power loss of the power circuit of a DC-DC converter, etc. The on-resistance, which determines conduction loss, is 13mΩ. And the gate charge, which decides switching loss, is 16nC.

"Compared with silicon (Si)-based power devices, which compete with the GaN power device, we reduced FOM (figure of merit), which is the product of on-resistance and gate charge, by about half," Fujitsu Semiconductor said.

The new device is targeted at the power circuits of data communication devices, industrial electronic devices and automotive electronic devices.

The MB51T008A is a power device that is formed on a Si substrate and has the HEMT (high electron mobility transistor) structure. Fujitsu Semiconductor realized normally-off operation by making improvements to device structure.

The threshold voltage of the power device is 1.8V. Its package is WLCSP. Because its gate charge is small, it becomes possible to increase the switching frequency of power circuit, enabling to reduce the size of power circuit.

Fujitsu Semiconductor is now developing products with withstand voltages of 600V and 30V as well as the 150V product. At Techno-Frontier 2013, which will take place from July 17 to 19, in Tokyo, the company will exhibit a 2.5kW power source, high-frequency power factor correction (PFC) circuit and high-frequency DC-DC converter using the 600V product.