he specifications of the HDDs that Toshiba will start
he specifications of the HDDs that Toshiba will start
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Toshiba Corp developed a 320-Gbyte 2.5-inch automotive HDD that uses two heads for a magnetic disk (model number: MQ01AAD032C).

Toshiba realized the 320-Gbyte capacity, which is the largest for an automotive HDD, by making improvements to the heads and the magnetic layer of the disk. The internal data transmission rate was improved by about 28%, compared with the "MK2060GSC," the company's previous model, increasing data processing speed.

In addition, to ensure a vibration resistance required for automotive use, Toshiba reduced the weights of movable parts and improved the rigidity of the case. It improved vibration resistance to 24.5m/s2 (with a frequency of 50-200Hz) by improving the vibration resistance of the basic structure and employing a control technology to accurately correct the positions of the heads.

The operating temperature range of the new HDD is -30°C to +85°C. When it is not in operation, the temperature range is -40°C to +95°C.

Furthermore, Toshiba enabled to use the HDD in low-pressure environments. The magnetic heads of the HDD float at a height of about 1/100,000mm from the surface of the disk by using the airflow on the surface of the fast spinning disk.

The company applied its own floating head design technology based on aerodynamics to prevent the height of the head from lowering due to decrease in atmospheric pressure. As a result, the HDD can be used at an atmospheric pressure of 494.9hPa, which is equivalent to 5,650m above sea level.

Toshiba will start volume production in August 2013. In addition to the 320-Gbyte model (MQ01AAD032C), it will release 200- (MQ01AAD020C) and 100-Gbyte (MQ01AAD010C) models at the same time.