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Samsung Electronics Co Ltd announced the "Curved OLED TV," a 55-inch OLED TV with a curved screen, and released it in South Korea June 27, 2013.

So, Samsung released a large-size OLED TV with a curved screen prior to a large-size OLED TV having a flat screen. The price of the TV is 15 million won (approx US$13,089), which is the same as the price of a similar TV that LG Electronics Inc started to ship June 10, 2013 (See related article).

However, Samsung put emphasis on the fact that the new TV does not have any pixel defect (zero pixel defect: ZPD) rather than the fact that its screen is curved. With a self-luminous structure using red, green and blue light-emitting OLED elements, it was not easy to realize ZPD, the company said.

This time, Samsung also announced that it will release 55- and 65-inch "UHD TV F9000" 4k2k LCD TVs in the second half of 2013.