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LG Electronics Inc announced June 10, 2013, that it has started to ship the "Curved OLED TV," a 55-inch OLED TV having a curved screen.

The price of the TV is 15 million won (about US$13,285), which is about 30% higher than that of the 55-inch OLED TV that has a flat screen and was released by LG Electronics in January 2013.

The company planned to accept orders for the TV in South Korea during the period from April 29 to June 30, 2013. However, LG Electronics started the shipment of the TV far ahead of schedule probably because Samsung Electronics Co Ltd will reportedly release a curved OLED TV in the near future.

The curved OLED TV developed by LG Electronics (product number: 55EA9800) uses carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) for its case to maintain the shape of the TV. The thickness and weight of the TV are 4.3mm and 17kg, respectively.

It is equipped with transparent film speakers. The TV was unveiled at the 2013 International CES, a trade show that took place in January 2013.

LG Electronics also announced that it started volume production of the TV June 7, 2013, in Europe.