The smartphone equipped with the "Tegra 4i"
The smartphone equipped with the "Tegra 4i"
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Nvidia Corp showed a smartphone equipped with the "Tegra 4i," its first SoC integrated with an LTE modem.

The smartphone was announced at a press conference that the company had in Taipei, Taiwan, on the occasion of Computex Taipei 2013, which runs from June 4 to 8, 2013, in Taipei, Taiwan. It was manufactured by an ODM (original design manufacturer), Nvidia said.

AT&T Inc is now authenticating the LTE modem of the smartphone equipped with the Tegra 4i. And the phone is expected to hit the US market in early 2014 or as early as within 2013, Nvidia said. Currently, Nvidia is in negotiations with several phone makers.

The Tegra 4i is an SoC made by combining Nvidia's application processor with a modem developed by Icera Inc, which Nvidia purchased in 2011. It is equipped with the "Cortex-A9 r4" CPU core of ARM Ltd and manufactured using 28nm process developed by TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co Ltd). Though its LTE modem currently supports only "category 3," it will soon support "category 4," Nvidia said.

Nvidia has already announced that the "Tegra 4," an SoC that is made using 28nm technology and does not have an LTE modem, was employed for ZTE Corp's smartphone. Nvidia is in negotiations with several companies for the employment of the Tegra 4 for smartphones.