The high-brightness LED lighting apparatus for residential use
The high-brightness LED lighting apparatus for residential use
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Hitachi Appliances Inc developed an LED lighting apparatus with a high brightness June 14, 2013.

The lighting apparatus, "LEC-AHS1810BC" in the "LED Ceiling" series, is installed on a ceiling in a residence. With a rated light flux of 7,290lm, it ensures enough brightness even in an 18-tatami-mat (approx 29.16m2) living room.

Before the development of the LEC-AHS1810BC, the highest rated light flux realized by Hitachi Appliances was 6,090lm for a 14-tatami-mat living room.

Hitachi Appliances improved light flux by employing a large heat dissipation structure and making improvements to the placement of an LED unit having a lens function to reduce heat generation caused by the large amount of light. The light flux of 7,290lm is one of the industry's highest light fluxes of lighting apparatuses to be installed on a ceiling in a residence, the company said.

Hitachi Appliances equipped the new lamp with the "Akari Select" function, which enables to change light color and brightness (color rendering property) just by pressing a button on a remote. It realizes the colors and brightnesses of an orange incandescent lamp and white and daylight-color fluorescent lamps with one button.

For example, it becomes possible to use the color and brightness of an incandescent lamp at mealtime so that meals look delicious and those of a fluorescent lamp at study time so that printed words become highly visible.

The power consumption and intrinsic energy consumption efficiency (rated light flux/power consumption) of the new LED lamp are 86W and 84.8lm/W, respectively. Its expected retail price is ¥80,000 (approx US$797).