The lobby of Calsonic Kansei's headquarters
The lobby of Calsonic Kansei's headquarters
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English version for global use

Narita: We have also established an English version at the same time, having a strong notion that the EWM will be used outside Japan. Our product development projects are globally expanding. So, we will train employees at an early stage both in and outside Japan by using the EWM so that our business operations will become efficient.

We will use the extra resources made available through such an effort and put more energy into R&D and advanced development for next technology advancements. Especially, we expect Japanese engineers to do that.

We used about 5% of our development resources for R&D and advanced development in 2011. But we are planning to increase the percentage to 24% by 2016. Especially in Japan, we are considering using about half of our resources for R&D and advanced development.

Q: Calsonic Kansei established EWMs not only for product development but for production technologies, didn't it?

Narita: We need to bring more and more production technologies to foreign countries. In the past, we copied mother plants in Japan for plants located outside Japan. But, for the future, it will become important to skillfully cope with foreign countries, especially fast-growing emerging countries.

So, we defined workflow for production technologies in the aim of quickly responding to the vertical (full-scale) start-up of production lines and found out what kinds of technology standards and documents are necessary. In the past, we could not even clarify what we were lacking. But it became clear during the process of establishing the EWM.

However, it will take a while before the effects of the EWM are seen because we have just started its operation. Still, we believe that it will certainly increase development efficiency.

Considering applying the EWM to production technologies, we might support smart devices including tablet computers. Furthermore, we aim to improve the quality of the EWM while improving the CAES, whose scale is not large enough at this point, to promote the PDCA (plan, do, check, action) cycle.