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Seiko Instruments Inc will release a wristwatch that measures the runner's heart rate and provides information on the optimum running pace for training.

The wristwatch, "AH01 Heart Rate Monitor," is the latest product in the Asics Running Watch series and will be released in early May 2013. By attaching a strap equipped with a heartbeat sensor to the chest for measuring heart rate, the wristwatch shows a heart rate and running pace in real time.

When data on the user's running exercise and gender are registered in the wristwatch, it becomes possible to automatically estimate an "AT (anaerobic threshold) heart rate" based on an algorithm developed by the Research Institute of Sports Science of Asics Corp and show the optimum running pace for training.

When the intensity of an exercise is increasing, it changes from an aerobic exercise to an anaerobic exercise at an anaerobic threshold. And the heart rate at the turning point is called AT heart rate.

When exercise intensity increases, so does running speed. But, if the intensity exceeds the AT, the exercise becomes highly anaerobic, and the amount of lactic acid, which causes fatigue, in blood increases, lowering exercise capacity. Therefore, for training, it is best to keep an exercise intensity close to the AT.

The weight and price of the wristwatch are 44g and ¥14,175 (approx US$145), respectively.