A fuel-gas desulfurizer (photo courtesy of MHI)
A fuel-gas desulfurizer (photo courtesy of MHI)
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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) Ltd agreed to license the technologies of its fuel-gas desulfurizer to India's state-owned Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd and concluded a contract with it April 3, 2013.

The technologies to be licensed are engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) technologies for limestone/gypsum-based and seawater-based fuel-gas desulfurizers used for coal-fired power generation boilers and industrial boilers. This will the first time that a Japan-based company provides fuel-gas desulfurization technologies to an India-based firm, MHI said.

A fuel-gas desulfurizer removes sulfur dioxide (SO2) and other materials from exhaust gas generated by burning coal, etc to purify it.

MHI uses the liquid column tower method, in which SO2 is removed by spraying limestone slurry from the lower area of an absorption tower so that the exhaust gas and slurry make contact and react with each other twice when the slurry is moving up and down. SO2 removal performance is improved by increasing the contact efficiency of the liquid and gas.

In India, about 100 million kilowatts of electricity, or more than 60% of the generated electricity, comes from coal-fired power plants. And it plans to generate more 80 million kilowatts from coal during the period from 2012 to 2017. Because air pollution problems are getting worse in India, it is expected that regulations on SO2 emissions will be tightened.

MHI intends to expand its business in India's market for fuel-gas desulfurizers based on the licensing of the technologies.