Rohm Co Ltd announced that it has developed a new high-voltage switching device having the positive characteristics of both super-junction (SJ) power MOSFET and IGBT.

The company plans to ship samples of the device, which it calls "Hybrid MOS," in the summer of 2013.

The Hybrid MOS has both the high-speed switching capability and high low-current performance of SJ power MOSFET and the high withstand voltage of IGBT. Currently, SJ power MOSFETs having high-speed switching capability and a high low-current performance are used for electronic devices whose power consumptions are required to be low.

However, for high-power devices requiring a high operating temperature and high high-current performance such as industrial electronic devices, IGBTs have to be employed. SJ power MOSFETs, whose high-current performance is not high enough, cannot be used because, in the high-current range, the conversion efficiency of power supply circuit decreases, increasing the amount of heat generation and causing thermal destruction.

With the Hybrid MOS, a high conversion efficiency can be achieved both in the low-current and high-current ranges, Rohm said. It is targeted at the power supply circuits and power factor correction (PFC) circuits of servers, industrial devices, power-saving home appliances, etc.

As for the device structure of the Hybrid MOS, the company said, "We employed a new structure that controls the back side of a wafer by using technologies developed for our SJ power MOSFETs."