An engine, etc can be remotely controlled with a smartphone.
An engine, etc can be remotely controlled with a smartphone.
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Fujitsu Ten Ltd announced that it has developed a technology to remotely operate an automobile engine with a smartphone and that the technology has been employed as an option for the Lexus RX, which Toyota Motor Corp sells in North America.

The technology, which Fujitsu Ten calls "RES+," enables not only to operate an engine but also to remotely lock/unlock the doors of a vehicle. To use the service, an application software needs to be downloaded to a smartphone in advance. The company launched a service using the technology in October 2012.

Fujitsu Ten has been engaged in the development of a technology called "RES" for controlling an engine, etc with a remote control. This time, the company realized the same function with a smartphone. The new function accesses a data center via a mobile network to control the engine and doors of a vehicle.

While the previous technology uses infrared light, etc, the new technology uses a mobile network, drastically increasing control range. Also, it became possible to check the operation status of an engine and whether a door is open or closed with a smartphone.

The new function can be used with Android-based smartphones, the iPhone, etc. For the data center, the "FGCP/S5," a public cloud service developed by Fujitsu Ten, was employed. The company plans to put effort into the development of functions using a data center like the one announced this time.