The new CMOS image sensor (photo courtesy of Toshiba)
The new CMOS image sensor (photo courtesy of Toshiba)
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Toshiba Corp released an 8-Mpixel back-illuminated CMOS image sensor whose pixel size is 1.12μm.

The company claims that the pixel size is one of the smallest in the industry.

The sensor, "T4K05," is targeted at mobile cameras such as of mobile phones, smartphones and tablet computers. With the HDR (High Dynamic Range) function, which was developed by Toshiba, it can take high-quality pictures even in places where there is a large difference in brightness, the company said.

In addition, the sensor is equipped with a voice coil motor driver, which is required for moving a lens and adjusting the focus. As a result of those features, it becomes possible to reduce the size of camera module and develop slim mobile devices, Toshiba said.

The pixel count of the T4K05 is 3,280 (in the vertical direction) x 2,464 (in the horizontal direction). Its optical format and aspect ratio are 1/4 inch and 4:3, respectively. The frame rate for full-size images is 30fps. As an interface, it is equipped with a four-lane CSI-2 serial interface.

The power supply voltages of the analog and digital areas are 2.6-3.0V and 1.7-1.9V, respectively. The operating temperature range of the sensor is -20 to +60°C. It will be provided not as a packaged product but as a die. Toshiba will begin volume production at the end of March 2013.