The new film was attached to the upper smartphones.
The new film was attached to the upper smartphones.
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Toray Industries Inc exhibited a film that self-repairs small scratches and makes fingerprints less visible and easy to be cleaned off at nano tech 2013, which runs from Jan 30 to Feb 1, 2013, in Tokyo.

The film is targeted at devices equipped with touch-sensitive screens such as smartphones and tablet computers. It was made by applying an anti-fingerprint technology to a self-repairing film that is currently sold by Toray (See related article).

For the anti-fingerprint technology, Toray used the "nanochannel" structure, in which island structures are formed by dispersing a highly-lipophilic material in an oil-repellent material. As a result, the oil-repellent material reduces the amount of fingerprint oil that builds up on the screen while the wettability of the highly-lipophilic material spreads the fingerprint oil and makes it less visible.

At nano tech 2012, Toray showed a film that it developed by using the "nano concavo-convex" structure, which was made by randomly forming concavities and convexities of several nanometers on the surface of an oil-repellent film, to prevent dirt from accumulating and make it less visible (See related article 2).

The film using the nano concavo-convex structure can make fingerprints less visible than the latest film having the "nanochannel" structure. But dirt accumulated on the former film is harder to be removed than that stacked on the latter. The new film makes it drastically easier to clean off dirt while making it less visible, Toray said.