The "ESSP-3005/18P"
The "ESSP-3005/18P"
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Sony Corp will release a commercial storage battery that has a capacity of 6.0kWh and can realize a "stand-alone" storage battery system by using photovoltaic (PV) panels without a commercial power source March 1, 2013.

The storage battery, "ESSP-3005/18P," is made with olivine-type lithium iron phosphate and can be started up by using remaining electricity in the battery without a commercial power source. If the battery is charged and discharged once per day, it can be used for more than 10 years.

The storage battery can be connected not only to an AC100V commercial power source but also directly to PV panels with Sony's "IJ1001HSB" PV panel charger, which is separately sold. The input from PV panels is DC100-400V. Therefore, it can simplify electric works for distribution boards, power conditioners, etc.

Equipped with an uninterruptible power system (UPS), it can be used as a power source for personal computers, servers, etc. Also, it has an energy management application software as a standard feature. And it is capable of shifting power consumption peaks to, for example, store electricity during nighttime hours and use it during daytime hours as well as reducing power consumption peaks.

It takes about 15 hours to charge the battery (with no load) with an AC power source and about three hours with a DC power source. The output of the battery is single-phase AC100V (maximum output: 1,500VA/1,000W). With the maximum load, the battery can discharge electricity for about 250 hours. Its operating temperature and humidity ranges are 0-40°C and 0-95% (with no dewing), respectively.

The battery measures 540 x 625 x 993mm (excluding parts used to install it) and weighs about 187kg. Though there is no manufacturer's suggested retail price, its expected retail price is about ¥3 million (approx US$33,003).