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Nissan Motor Co Ltd developed a refrigerator car that is powered by a lithium-ion (Li-ion) rechargeable battery and equipped with a refrigerator driven by a motor.

It is the world's first truck that does not use an engine at all and has a refrigerator powered only by a Li-ion rechargeable battery regardless of whether the truck is running, waiting at a red light or parked while the driver is delivering a package by hand.

Because the output of the refrigerator is not influenced by the revolution speed of the engine, it is easy to control the temperature in the container, improving the qualities of delivered goods. Also, when the engine is stopped to deliver a package by hand, the refrigerator stably operates for long hours because the battery has enough capacity.

The Li-ion rechargeable battery system employed for the truck was developed by 4R Energy Corp, which was financed 51% by Nissan Motor Co Ltd and 49% by Sumitomo Corp and established in September 2010 for inventing new businesses by using automotive Li-ion batteries.

Nissan will change the specifications of the "Atlas F24" refrigerator car so that they meet the needs of Yamato Transport Co Ltd and rent it as a test vehicle for one year from January 2013. Yamato Transport will examine the practicality of the vehicle by using it for the company's package delivery services such as "Cool Package delivery Service" in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.

Based on the test results, Nissan plans to release a standard model of the "Atlas F24 Lithium-ion Battery-based Refrigerator Car" in the early summer of 2013 in Japan.