The "Logosease" developed by Yamagata Casio
The "Logosease" developed by Yamagata Casio
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Yamagata Casio Co Ltd, a manufacturing company of the Casio Computer Group, developed an underwater transceiver for scuba divers by using technologies that it has developed for manufacturing Casio Computer's products.

The transceiver, "Logosease," will be launched Jan 18, 2013. It enables easy voice communication at the time of scuba diving, when conversation by writing and hand signals are common.

The transceiver measures 89.0 x 41.0 x 44.8mm and weighs 107g. It has a simple integral structure that does not require a cable or external device and can be used for common diving tools. It is attached to the strap of an underwater mask and can be used even when a regulator is in the mouth. It is waterproof up to a depth of 55m and can be used for scuba diving of up to 40m for leisure.

The Logosease uses an ultrasonic waveband of 32kHz and is capable of wireless communication within the visual range under water. When used by multiple divers, it enables conversations participated by multiple people. Bone conduction technologies are used for the microphone and speakers of the transceiver. And it is possible to switch between reception and transmission just by tapping the transceiver once.

With help from Tetsuo Kosaka, professor at the Faculty of Engineering, the Graduate School of Science and Engineering of Yamagata University, Yamagata Casio realized digital processing from unclear voice under water to clear voice.

The transceiver reduces the noises of breath and exhaust sounds in scuba diving. Also, it realizes clear sound quality and optimal sound volume by stressing high pitch sound in real time.

The manufacturer's suggested retail price of the transceiver is ¥59,800 (approx US$664, excluding tax). Yamagata Casio plans to manufacture 10,000 units of the transceiver per year.