The PV cells are installed in the black areas.
The PV cells are installed in the black areas.
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Sanwa Shutter Corp will release an electric window shutter equipped with photovoltaic (PV) cells Dec 25, 2012.

Because the electric shutter, "Madomoa Screen S Solar Type," does not require any electric work or interior or exterior power distribution work, it enables to shorten work periods and enhance designs. In November 2012, the company released another electric shutter equipped with PV cells for garages.

The Madomoa Screen S Solar Type is made by attaching PV cells to the case of a window shutter for single-family houses. And the shutter is opened and closed by using only the electricity generated by the PV cells. The cells are amorphous silicon (Si) PV cells measuring 550 x 58mm.

The maximum output of the cells is 1W. The generated electricity is stored in a nickel-metal-hydride rechargeable battery.

The amount of electricity required for opening the window shutter in the morning and closing it in the evening is about 1.3Wh. Considering that some extra electricity is required as, for example, standby electricity, Sanwa Shutter said that the shutter needs to be exposed to direct sunlight for more than three hours per day. But the shutter operates without a sunny day for up to five days, the company said.

The price of the electric shutter is ¥201,600 (approx US$2,399) excluding installation fee. Though it is more expensive than Sanwa Shutter's window shutter that is not equipped with PV cells (¥90,405), the new shutter does not require electric work, thus saving cost.