The boy model of the S Cheetah (yellow, top) and the girl model (black, bottom)
The boy model of the S Cheetah (yellow, top) and the girl model (black, bottom)
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Achilles corp, a Japan-based shoe manufacturer, will release the lightest-weight model in its "Syunsoku" brand of sports shoes for elementary school children in early January 2013.

The most distinctive feature of the model, "S Cheetah," is its sole. Achilles increased the grip performance of the sole by modeling it on the paw pad of cheetah.

The 21cm model of the S Cheetah weighs 130g per shoe. The weight of the sole was reduced by using a rubber for the gripping part and an ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer, whose specific gravity is smaller than that of the rubber, for the other parts.

Protrusions modeled on cheetah's pad, which Achilles calls "AR299," enable to firmly grip the ground, it said. In addition, the company employed a design called "unsymmetrical soles," which was developed for the Syunsoku brand. Specifically, it uses more spikes on the left side of each shoe so that the wearer does not slip when running counterclockwise on a track.

The price of the S Cheetah is ¥3,150 (approx US$37.5, including tax). The boy model of the shoes comes in two designs and seven colors, and the girl model comes in one design and three colors. Their sizes range from 19.0 to 24.5cm (no half size available under 21.0cm). The width of the shoes is 2E.