Rohm Co Ltd developed a power module using silicon carbide (SiC)-based MOSFETs equipped with body diodes.

The MOSFET can eliminate the need for external diodes. The company has already started to ship samples of the module and will begin volume production in December 2012. The rated voltage and current of the module are 1,200V and 180A, respectively.

This time, Rohm enabled to use the SiC-based MOSFETs equipped with body diodes by (1) clarifying the mechanism of defects being caused by conducting electricity to body diodes and (2) preventing the defects from being caused.

As a result, even when electricity is conducted to the body diodes for more than 1,000 hours, on-resistance does not increase, the company said. When electricity is conducted to commonly-used body diodes for more than 20 hours, on-resistance drastically increases, Rohm said.