The "TL1F1 Series (1W)" (photo courtesy of Toshiba)
The "TL1F1 Series (1W)" (photo courtesy of Toshiba)
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Toshiba Corp announced that it has developed a GaN-on-Si white LED device for LED lamps and will start volume production in late December 2012 with a production rate of 10 million units per month.

The new product, "TL1F1 Series (1W)," is made by growing GaN crystal on a 200mm silicon (Si) wafer and was developed in collaboration with Bridgelux Inc. Compared with LED devices using sapphire substrates (GaN-on-sapphire), which are now commonly used, the price of the new LED device is competitive, Toshiba said.

According to the announcement, the size of the market for white LED devices was ¥700 billion (approx US$8.38 billion) in fiscal 2011 but is expected to grow to ¥1.25 trillion in fiscal 2016. Toshiba aims to achieve a market share of 10% in fiscal 2016 through the development of white LED products and the expansion of its sales efforts.

The dimensions of the TL1F1 Series (1W) are 6.4 x 5.0 x 1.35mm, and its standard optical output at the time of 350mA operation is 112lm.