Asahi Glass Co Ltd (AGC) launched a strengthened glass capable of blocking about 99% of infrared light for automotive doors for the first time in the world in December 2012.

The percentage of 99% was measured by the company based on ISO 9050 standards. The glass, "UV Veil Premium Cool On," blocks the sun's scorching heat as well as ultraviolet light. It was employed for the F"Ciel" and F"Smart Stop Package·Ciel," special models of the Vitz subcompact, which Toyota Motor Corp released Dec 5, 2012.

In December 2010, AGC released the "UV Veil Premium," which blocks about 99% of ultraviolet light. Thus far, it has been employed for 15 types of vehicles.

This time, the company added a layer that absorbs infrared light inside the UV Veil Premium. Also, it made improvements so that the glass is not scratched when a car window is being opened or closed. In a test, the temperature of a driver's right upper arm rose to 41.4°C when an artificial sunlight was applied to a normal glass. In the case of the "UV Veil Premium Cool On," the temperature rose to 39.4°C.