A picture of skin being taken
A picture of skin being taken
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Fujitsu Ltd launched a healthcare-related solution using its data center and cloud technologies Nov 29, 2012.

The solution, "Skin Memory," evaluates the state of skin such as flecks, pores and skin color based on pictures taken by a smartphone camera. It is a B-to-B service mainly for companies related to health and beauty and cosmetics.

Companies that have a contract with Fujitsu can use the Skin Memory for their own products and services. Fujitsu expects that the Skin Memory will be used as a method for sales promotions and marketing.

To take a picture of skin, (1) a smartphone equipped with a camera whose pixel count is four million or more, (2) a dedicated application and (3) the "Color Frame," a card with a hole, are required. The Color Frame, which was developed by Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd, enables to accurately determine a skin color under different colors of light. Currently, the application is available only for Android but will be released for iOS in the first quarter of 2013.

Pictures taken by the camera are analyzed with Fujitsu's image analysis technology and stored after eliminating personal information. Users of the service can compare their skin data with other users' data.

When a large amount of data is accumulated, new services might be born by analyzing the "big data," Fujitsu said. At first, the basic data for the solution was collected with help from several hundred employees of the company.

The initial cost of the solution is ¥500,000 (approx US$6,106), and its minimum monthly fee is ¥40,000. The monthly fee increases as the number of service subscribers grows. MTI Ltd, which runs the "Luna Luna" menstrual cycle calculation service for women, will start a service using the solution on a trial basis from late December 2012.