The 10 micrometer-thick sheet
The 10 micrometer-thick sheet
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Panasonic Corp developed a 10μm-thick product of the "PGS Graphite Sheet," which is used for releasing heat from mobile devices such as smartphones.

Panasonic plans to start volume shipment in September 2012. It is the thinnest heat radiation graphite sheet in the industry, the company said. Despite its thinness, the thermal conductivity of the new product is 1,950W/mK, which the company claims is also the highest in the industry. The thinnest existing product of Panasonic has a thickness of 17μm.

The thermal conductivity of 1,950W/mK is about five and 10 times higher than those of copper and aluminum, respectively, Panasonic said. With the slimness and high thermal conductivity, the company aims to sell the product for smartphones equipped with dual- and quad-core application processors, etc. So far, Panasonic's heat radiation sheets have been employed for Apple Inc's iPhone series of smartphones, etc.

The high thermal conductivity of the PGS Graphite Sheet was realized by, for example, applying a high-temperature thermal process to a polymer film having a special molecular structure. It is possible to realize a high thermal conductivity while reducing thickness by making improvements to burning conditions, etc, Panasonic said.