NXL-IP55 can be used with broadcast cameras

The NXL-IP55 works together with the network transmission function of the "HDC-2000" series of broadcast cameras. The HDC-2000 series is equipped with a network transmission line with a transmission rate of 1Gbps or higher between the camera head and the CCU (camera control unit).

When the NXL-IP55 is connected to both ends of the line, it becomes possible to transmit video signals from up to three cameras in addition to signals from the HDC-2000. In other words, up to four kinds of HD camera videos can be transmitted through one optical composite cable, making it easy to broadcast dynamic scenes of sports event, theatrical performance, etc.

Furthermore, Sony will release an accessory for IP control of the "BRC-H900," "BRC-Z700" and "BRC-Z330" pivoted remote cameras. When it is combined with the "RM-IP10" remote controller and the "BRBK-IP10"/"BRBK-IP7Z" optional card, it becomes possible to construct a flexible remote camera system using IP technologies, the company said.

The NXL-IP55 weighs 2.5kg and measures 214 x 42.2 x 314.2mm (excluding protrusions). It comes with a dedicated AC adaptor, and its power supply voltage is DC19.5V. As for video formats, it supports 1,920 x 1,080 pixels/59.94i and 50i as well as 1,280 x 720 pixels/59.94P and 50P. The manufacturer's suggested retail price of the unit is ¥892,500 (approx US$11,391, including tax). It will be released in January 2013.