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Seiko Epson Corp announced that it will provide its "M-Tracer" motion analysis system for Mizuno Corp's new service that helps choose a golf club.

With the service, it becomes possible to scientifically choose a golf club that is suited for the user's swing motion, Seiko Epson said. Mizuno will start to sell the "Mizuno Body Fit Golf" series of golf clubs at its directly-managed stores and some other retail shops by using the new service Sept 22, 2012.

The M-Tracer is a system consisting of (1) a sensor that collects angular velocity and acceleration data and (2) software that realizes analysis of motion data and 3D-like visualization. Its name is an abbreviation of "Motion Tracer."

First, the angular velocity and acceleration of an object are measured with the sensor. Then, the measured data is transmitted to a PC, etc via Bluetooth. The data is analyzed for each application and visualized as a 3D model. For example, it is possible to check the user's posture and the trajectory of the user's motion by three-dimensionally displaying them and get feedback for improving the efficiency of the motion.

This time, the system will be used to accurately check the user's swing motion, quantitatively analyze it and use the data for selecting a golf club.

Seiko Epson announced Aug 8, 2012, that the fields of medical service, healthcare and sports will be the company's new business fields. And the latest announcement is part of this effort.