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Sanwa Supply Inc released a high-sensitivity USB-connected microphone that can switch between the omnidirectional mode and the unidirectional mode by pressing one button.

The company started to sell the microphone, "Web Conference Microphone 400-MC001," on its online shop.

The 400-MC001 is equipped with a high-sensitivity microphone device that can collect sound within a radius of up to 5m. It features the omnidirectional mode, which collects sound from all directions, and the unidirectional mode, which collects sound from the front (130°). And it is possible to switch between the two modes just by pressing a button.

The microphone is connected by using only a USB cable and does not require a mic cable or a power cable. Also, it has a "mute function," which blocks sound.

The 400-MC001 is 170mm in width, 280-320mm (adjustable) in height and about 310g in weight. Its price is ¥9,800 (approx US$125, including tax).