Sony to offer 3D 'total solutions'

Sony emphasizes that the release of the new 3D camcorder enabled the company to provide total solutions in the workflow related to medical operation video including "shooting," "display," "recording" and "delivery."

For example, Sony has already released the "LMD-2451MT" medical 3D LCD monitor. When video taken by the camcorder is displayed on the monitor, it becomes possible to share realistic video with trainee doctors, medical students, etc who enter an operating room for training.

Furthermore, Sony has already announced that it will release the "HVO-3000MT" 3D medical recorder and the "VMI-40MD" image multiplexer in the fall of 2012. If video recorded with the camcorder is stored in the recorder, it can be used for educational purposes at university hospitals, clinical training facilities, etc. On the other hand, if the camcorder is combined with the image multiplexer, real-time 3D video transmission will advance telemedicine services, the company said.

Sony to launch 3D products in field of endoscopic surgeries

This time, Sony decided to provide 3D video solutions mainly for the field of operation microscopes. But, from now on, the company plans to launch products for the field of endoscopic surgeries, where the need for 3D video is high. For example, Sony has already announced that it will consider applying its 3D head-mounted display (HMD) technologies to endoscopic surgery.

"At this point, there are few 3D endoscopes in the market," Sony said. "But, in the near future, several major manufactures are expected to launch products. We will expand the product line of 3D video products for endoscopes in response to that movement."