The KJ403T
The KJ403T
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Kyocera Corp developed a 300dpi print head that can simultaneously print two colors and features the world's fastest printing speed of 152m per minute.

Because the print head, "KJ403T," can print two colors at once, it enables to reduce the number of print heads and related components, making it possible to reduce printer size. The company plans to start to ship samples of the head for commercial inkjet printers in late 2012.

The KJ403T measures 200 x 36 x 68.5mm and has a printing width of 112mm. It supports both water-based inks and ultraviolet inks.

To realize the two-color printing, Kyocera separated a nozzle part, which discharges ink, into two parts (upper half and lower half) as well as an ink channel. Because the KJ403T has the same number of nozzles as a 600dpi print head, it can discharge two colors of inks with a DPI (dots per ink) of 300 per color.

The new print head is expected to be used for label printing on milk cartons, printing on cloths, etc. Kyocera intends to start volume production in or after the summer of 2013 with a production rate of several hundred units per month and increase the rate to several thousand units thereafter.