Panasonic Corp, Panasonic Production Technology Co Ltd and Panasonic PolyTechnology Co Ltd developed a graphite-containing rubber by using graphite powder.

The companies realized a high heat conductivity while keeping the flexibility of rubber. They will start to ship samples of the product in April 2012.

The heat conductivity of the new rubber is 200 and three times higher, respectively, in the surface and thickness directions than that of commonly-used rubber materials. Specifically, while the heat conductivity of commonly-used rubber materials is 0.1W/m·K, that of the new rubber is 20W/m·K in the direction of its surface and 0.3W/m·K in the thickness direction.

With the new rubber, it is possible to provide measures to both prevent vibration and improve heat dissipation of electronic circuits, etc.

For example, for automotive electronic devices, which require measures to prevent vibration and improve heat dissipation, rubbers or plastics are used to prevent vibration and metals such as copper and aluminum are used to improve heat dissipation. Because the new product can solve both of the problems, it is possible to reduce the sizes and weights of the devices.

The three companies plan to sell the product not only for automotive devices but for various devices for which flexibility and high heat conductivity are required.