The 55-inch Crystal LED Display
The 55-inch Crystal LED Display
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Sony Corp announced that it has developed a 55-inch self-luminous display at a press conference that took place on the day before the opening of the 2012 International CES, which runs from Jan 10 to 13, 2012.

The display, "Crystal LED Display," has a pixel count of 1,920 x 1,080 and is targeted at TVs, etc.

The display is a so-called "LED display," which uses red, green and blue (RGB) LEDs as display elements. Sony used 2,073,600 (equal to the number of pixels) LEDs for each color.

The Crystal LED Display is the industry's first 55-inch full-HD LED display, the company said. It has stripe-type RGB pixel arrays, which are commonly used.

The Crystal LED Display has higher display capabilities than LCD panels, Sony said. Its brightness is about 400cd/m2, and its contrast ratio in dark surroundings is so high that it cannot be measured. Its color gamut is 100% or higher on NTSC standards. And its view angle is about 180°.

Compared with the 55-inch LCD panel used for Sony's Bravia LCD TV, the Crystal LED Display's contrast ratio in bright light, color gamut and response speed are approximately 3.5, 1.4 and 10 times higher, respectively, the company said.

Moreover, the power consumption of the Crystal LED Display is 70W or lower.

"A PDP (plasma display panel) of the same size consumes 250 to 300W of electricity," Sony said. "In the case of LCD panels, it is 130 to 150W."

Sony has been engaged in the development of the Crystal LED Display for a few years. And it made improvements to reduce variations in LED alignment and brightness so that the size of the display's pixel can be made smaller than the pixels of other LED displays.

Sony has not yet decided when to mass-produce the Crystal LED Display. And it will continue to consider the applications and screen size of the display. The company also plans to continue the development of OLED panels, it said.