Koito Manufacturing's head lamp designed to look like a human eye
Koito Manufacturing's head lamp designed to look like a human eye
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Koito Manufacturing Co Ltd prototyped a head lamp by taking advantage of the design freedom of LEDs and exhibited it at the 42nd Tokyo Motor Show 2011.

The head lamp, which the company named "Ganriki" (eye force), is shaped like a human eye and incorporates a low beam, high beam, position lamp and winker lamp.

With LEDs, it becomes possible to arrange multiple luminous elements with a relatively high degree of freedom, enabling to make a unique head lamp. The Ganriki was designed to look like a human eye, and the most distinctive feature of the lamp is its winker lamp (the part emitting yellow light in the picture).

The LEDs vertically arranged on the fender side emit light downwards and inward while the LEDs horizontally arranged at the bottom emit light inward. The emitted light is guided to the light guiding path made by injection molding of polycarbonate or acryl. As a result, the entire light guiding path emits lights.

Because light guiding paths are normally thick, it is difficult to form a light guiding path in which light flows uniformly by using injection molding. Koito has been developing a technology to improve the dimensional accuracy of injection-molded parts and can ensure the required dimensional accuracy by improving the shape of the metal mold and optimizing the temperature control mechanism of the mold, the company said.