Fuji Heavy Industries' new engine
Fuji Heavy Industries' new engine
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Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI) Ltd exhibited a direct fuel-injection four-cylinder horizontally-opposed engine that is equipped with a turbocharger and has a displacement of 1.6L at the 42nd Tokyo Motor Show 2011.

The show will open for the public from Dec 3 to 11, 2011, in Tokyo. The output power of the engine is equivalent to those of existing 2.0-2.5L engines, but the company expects that the fuel efficiency of the new engine will be about 10% higher.

The new engine was developed based on an FB16 type. The turbocharger used for the engine is a twin scroll type. And the fuel injection pressure of the injector for direct fuel injection is 15-16MPa.

FHI considers that it is possible to improve compression ratio from the 10.5 of the FB16 type to about 12 by switching to direct fuel injection. The bore and stroke of the new engine are 78.8 x 82mm as in the case of the FB16 type.

Downsizing of engines is now becoming the main trend especially for European makers. However, while many of their engines use high-octane gasoline, FHI designed the new engine by expecting to use regular gasoline.

"With regular gasoline, knocking is more likely to occur," the company said. "But we prevent it by adjusting the timing of fuel injection.